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"Kassia is a fantastic teacher who has supported me to develop my yoga practice over the past two years. Kassia always takes into account my needs and abilities.


I feel I have made significant progress in both body and soul adding balance to my life. 


Kassia’s gentle and supportive approach allows participants to develop at a pace suited to their ability without making them feel intimidated by more advanced students or excluded.


I highly recommend Kassia and will continue practicing yoga with her guidance." - Genie B


“ Kassia is a caring & patient teacher. I am new to yoga and a bit worried but the guidance received has helped me to progress and feel much more focused.     – Lauren


" A wonderful yoga class that focuses on precisely the areas a desk dweller might neglect. "     - Karl


“ I found Kassia to be a very gentle instructor and we slowly worked up to more difficult moves.
The classes are well paced, and the relaxation at the end is bliss.
     – Genine


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